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Single Player Stroke (NO Handicaps)

Single Player Stroke (NO Handicaps)

1 Person Stroke (No HANDICAPS)


6 week spring league from March 11th - April 18th


This is your entry into the spring league.


The price per person is $180.00 for a 6 week league.


The League starts March 11th and is a more flexible style. You have 1 week to play your round on each round start date (for example: Round one starts on Monday, March 11th, you must complete your round by Sunday March 17th). You are responsible for booking your tee time each week, please call the location to book your tee time. This way it allows you to play around your busy schedule. You can also play with other people in the same bay. You will be competing against every other person that joins and scores will be visible through an online leaderboard. 



1st Place: Bad Birdie Polo with 4Ever Golf embroided on the sleeve. $25.00 Gift Certificate and a engraved name on our Spring League Plaque. 

2nd Place: Bad Birdie Polo with 4Ever Golf embroided on the side. A Dozen Golf balls.


League Details: 

Please call the location in advance to book your time for the week. If you know another player in this league you CAN book 2 hours and play together, the decisions is yours.


You must finish your rounds before the defined round end dates. You are allowed to play rounds in advance, but please note that your results won’t be posted to the leaderboard before the round starts.


You can join a tournament with your profile. If you don’t have one yet, go to to create your profile and then email the email you used to sign up. Which will then ALLOW me to invite you to join the actual tournament. Please download the Trackman Golf app for easier log in when league starts. <- Important!



*Note: nothing will be shipped to you, this is your entry confirmation. Please still fill out your shipping info to complete checkout to reserve your teams entry.*

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