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Ask Us Anything!

How do I reserve a simulator?

We provide online bookings to secure your preferred time. We also accept walk-ins if bays are available.

What is Trackman?

Trackman is a state of the art simulation system that provides the best experience to users. They strive to make the users experience exactly the same as out on a real course. To read more on trackman, we have a link to their website on our home page.

How long does it take to play 9 holes?

1 player - 30 minutes
2 player - 1 hour
3 player - 1.5 hours
4 player - 2 hours

Can I rent clubs?

Yes! we will provide clubs to those looking to rent.

How Long does it take to play 18?

1 player - 1 hour
2 player - 2 hours
3 player - 3 hours
4 player - 4 hours

Do I need to wear golf shoes?

Soft spike golf shoes are preferred, but sneakers are also acceptable.

Is there food?

We have local restaurants deliver to us with priority to make sure you get your food while playing. My best advice would be if you have only 1 or two hours is to call right when you arrive for your food.

Are there alcholic beverages?

Yes there is! We have a full bar with craft beer on tap.

Sign up with TrackMan to be able to sign in during your sessions at 4Ever Golf! All of your date during your session will be automatically saved. 

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