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Wednesday League Night 6:00-8:00pm

Wednesday League Night 6:00-8:00pm

2 Person Teams (stroke net)


The price per person is $300.00 for a 10-week league entry. (Total of $600.00, half now and the other half on the start date). 


January 1st - March 4th


By purchasing the one of the items below you are entering your team for our Winter league. The start date is January 3rd (Wednesday). There are 16 teams per night, all competing as one big-league night.


- Trackman Software updates your handicaps based on gameplay to even out the playing field. Must complete one 18 hole game signed into your trackman account before league starts.



1st Place:

  • Bad Birdie Apparel 
  • Engraved names + Year on Facility wall plaque
  • Two 2 hour gift certificates


2nd Place:

  • Runner up name engravings + Year on facility wall plaque  
  • Two 2 hour gift certificates


3rd Place:

  • Two 1 hour gift certificates 


What's new for 2022-23 leagues?

- Brand new turf that can hold outdoor tees. 

- There are competitions every week for longest drive and closest to the pin.

League Details:

Each member of the league will enter their info into which will include the info that you will use to sign in to each league night. It will track your score, you can see other teams' scores and there will be a leaderboard updated each week upon completion of the round. You will also be able to see what you and your opponents have shot on each hole. Click here for an informative video on how to maximize the site to your enjoyment. Please download the Trackman Golf app for easier login and updates on rounds/scores.


An Order of Merit indoor tournament is just like an outdoor tournament. The same rules apply. You compete against other players and appear on the leaderboard. Your score on the leaderboard will be updated after each completed hole.


Enjoy and Goodluck!


*Note: nothing will be shipped to you, this is your entry confirmation. Please still fill out your shipping info to complete checkout to reserve your teams' entry.*


Non refundable 3 weeks from start date.

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