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Gorgeous Golf Course

Parties & Events

The best celebrations happen at 4Ever Golf. It can range from birthday celebrations for all ages, to bachelor parties, corporate events, or team-building events. 

Stang-up Meeting

Corporate Events

Get in touch to rent out your preferred location or a preferred section. We can customize games or rounds of golf to cater to your needs. For example, you can play closest to the pin, longest drive, bullseye, and more! We can create a private round of golf specifically designed the way you want in whatever format you decide. Dont want to play golf until the work is done? Display and slide show or work related material on our projectors! The List goes on, reach out to learn more.

Birthday Parties

Throw a birthday party with us for any age! Our simulators are equipped with games for kids and adults for any level of golfer. Full bar at your disposal with any custom tab option for your party. Rent out  the entire location or a designated section for your party.

Colorful Birthday Party
Mini Hamburgers

Food Catered

We want to support local small businesses, so we have information for restaurants/catering companies specifically for your needs.

Custom Tournaments

Want to have a serious round of indoor golf with you and your friends? We can do that! It can be one round of 9 or 18 holes or multiple. Choose your courses and format with whatever settings you want. We will help every step of the way.

Golf Shot
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